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She really flattens it without taking care because she thinks she does some crush for me...

Hot girls and women with boots on the street, in discos or in bars
boots are always perfect for the candid shoe cam
crushing, walking, standing - boots are sexy in winter and in summer

Here are some stories and pics I caught on the street - live and most times unknown!

This could have become an unknown crush under hot boots on mardi gras. The lady didn't know that I placed some chocolate on the street right behind her shoes. For several minutes, she nearly stepped on the object but she didn't hit it. Several times, she placed her heel only millimetres off target whilst she moved to the music. She always spoke to her friend and don't look on the ground, where several other things got crushed under her weight. She was about 40 y.o. and her weight maybe around 160 lbs.
I always looked at her strong calves in the kneehigh shaft of her boots and imagined how flat she would squeeze that chocolate under her soles...
But sadly she did not crush the victim because some stupid children took it away (like everyone does on mardi gras).

This candid shot I took in a discotheque in our town. The girl, a young blonde one, had fun with some friends and wore white ankle boots. Very sexy, she moved to the music and smoked. And she crushed the cigs lying around on the hard floor. She didn't care for the dirt lying on the ground, she just danced without noticing what was happening under her soles...
I watched and filmed her several minutes, it was very nice to see the shoes and legs moving to the rhythm!

This girl with horny kneehigh boots crushed a coke tin under her weight. Not unknown, she did it with fun. She stepped on it and pressed it flat. Sometimes the heels or soles slipped off the can and then she stepped on it again and again until it really was crushed flat under her brutal shoes... I made a nice candid video of that with my hidden cam. She didn't notice me, so I had a good opportunity to catch some closeups as well as wide-angle shots. When the can was flattened, she kicked it away.

These hot boots belong to a mature woman I saw standing at a stop waiting for the tram. It was around february, so quite cold and she wore those black boots, nylon stockings and a warm, short coat. Sexy. The boots attracted me and so I placed a cookie behind her and hoped that she will step on it and crush it under the soles or heels. And I had a good portion of luck: First she moved her legs without touching the cookie. After that, it was located between her shoes and when she moved again, she crushed it partly under her left sole. One moment later she stepped on it with the whole sole and full weight, the cookie was crushed to dust under these powerful and very sexy shoes and feet. Great video!

Mardi gras in town: This woman with sexy brown kneehigh boots stood aside the parade. As you can see on this screenshot, she must have crushed something under her boots. I cannot tell you what it was, the remains under her shoes looked like a very small plastic can or so. Maybe there was some beverage inside, I really don't know. But you can see at the wet spots that something must have exploded under her when she stepped on it. She stood there in the remains for some time and moved from time to time.
I surely believe that she never cared for - whatever it was - she crushed with these sexy boots. I found it very horny to imagine that she destroyed something under her feet, well protected by the boots. And after that, she simply stood there without paying attention to what happened under her powerful legs...

This pic is from mardi-gras in our town. A young girl with so sexy kneehigh boots on the street! She meandered in the crowd and stepped on these blowed out papers lying all over the place. I filmed her for some seconds, but she was so fast that i decided not to follow her. There were so many other hot girls with boots on that day...
Take a look at the shaft of the boots, she wore the jeans inside and so her calves look very tight in the leather-shaft. Great boots on the street!

Here I have the very hot boots of a nice woman on a folk festival. The boots are kneehigh, with a 5'' heel.
The woman must have stepped on a napkin which was stuck to her sole. She didn't notice this and walked around with that napkin under her boots. Very hot show, because she walked, stopped, turned around several times and the napkin still stuck at her shoes. So she crushed the napkin with every step she made. I followed her for some hundred meters, the napkin still was at her soles.
Great experience to watch that sexy woman with her long jeans-skirt and those sexy boots how she walked around with that attachment at her sole. And when she stopped and made a step back or forward, the napkin also was crushed under her heel. Maybe after 7 minutes, she lost it and walked further...

This is a short but intense story from the local christmas-market. First, I only saw the boots and the corresponding girl. Typical kind of student, around 170cm tall and maybe 130 lbs.
I decided to make a candid streetvideo of her. Then I saw that slice of an orange lying on the ground, right beneath her boots. Whilst she was talking to a friend of her, she moved her feet to all directions, so it was only a question of time that she would crush that orange under her weight. And how she crushed it! First, she stepped on it with the edge of her heel, it made a slight sound like "squitch", she didn't notice anything of that. She partly pressed the juice out of the fruit and then lifted her boot and placed it somewhere else. A few minutes later, she placed the heel again on the crushed fruit and flattened it completely. It was crushed so badly under her boots, controlled by her sexy body. I am sure she never felt or noticed anything of that massacre under her boots...

Here is a screenshot from a video filmed in darkness, with nightshot-mode at a festival. Two girls with boots stood right in front of me and I decided to place a mini-tube filled with mustard near her boots. As there was a music-festival, the girls danced and moved their feet to the rhythm. I got very horny when I watched the tiny tube lying on the grpund beneath her gigantic boots with flat heels. She hit and crushed the tube several times but it didn't plop under her weight. Some of the mustard squirted out, not much, but good to see in the video.
One time, the tube was very badly crupled between the sole and heel, but the girl did not crush it under her shoes. Nevertheless, it was a great adventure! Always fantastic to see how gigantic the shoes are against tiny stuff getting under the soles... And always great to imagine the hot feet inside the shoes!


The tomato is so small, one could easily overlook it. As the woman with these black boots didn't even know that there was a tomato lying on the hard ground beneath her shoes, she didn't take care for it. She just talked to her daughter and never had a look to the ground. Her soles missed the helpless tomato several times. But after a few seconds, she hit it with her full weight and without feeling any resistance under her boot sole, she crushed it flat. With her next step, nothing but a wet spot on the ground remained of the tiny tomato...

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