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Candid shoes of sexy women caught with my hidden cam

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She really flattens it without taking care because she thinks she does some crush for me...

Summer time is a good time, especially for fans of lady's shoes like sandals or slippers
Most women wear the shoes barefeet so you can always see their sexy feet
and when they wear short trousers or skirts they show you their incredible legs!

Here I have some very hot sandals for you. I filmed that lady on a local music-festival in our town.
As you can see on the pics, there was a screw cap lying right beneath her shoes.
She didn't notice it and touched it several times with her sole, without crushing it.
I'm sure that if she would have stepped on it with her heel, she would have totally crushed it
under her weight. She was maybe 165cm' tall and had around 70 kilos.

Once again, a portly lady on a festival. Fantastic black patent mules, strong calves under her trousers
and much pressure under her shoes... She did some cigarette crush, after that she flattened the fag under her soles and heels again and again for some minutes. She paid no attention to the ground, I'm think she never thought of the fag under her shoes. It was a great pleasure to watch her powerful bare heels in the shoes, how they got white when she shifted her weight...

This lady crushed a chocolate easter bunny without noticing it.
White leather sandals and an old easter chocolate bunny left to it's fate...
She moved a little bit to the music and hit it with the heel first, which caused a terrible
damage. Some seconds later, she stepped on it with her sole and after that she flattened
it again under her heel.
For more than 5 minutes she mishandled it under her divine feet.
Just imagine it would have been your finger or something else... ;-)

Sexy girl with very hot black leather pumps. Last year on mardi gras in our town. She was watching the parade, not knowing that a small chocolate egg was under her heel. I placed it behind her before, but it took a long time until she hit it with her heel. She nearly would have fltened it totally under the sole, but the shifted her foot forward and squeezed it partly with her huge heel.
I think she didn't notice it, because she never wondered or looked down to theground. She simply stood there and crushed the egg...

A friend of mine at a party in our backyard. We made a bbq and had some beers. She always crushed her cigarettes under her shoes. After that, she stood on the fags for a while sometimes.
Here I have a pic where she flattens the tip of it under the edge of her hard heel.

These are so hot! Just have a look at the incredible bare heels and these sexy mules!
I took the pic at an open air cocktail bar in our town. And I placed a small chocolte cookie
beneath her feet. After she stepped on it for the first time, with her left sole, she noticed it and looked down. But she didn't kick it away, she just continued talking to her friends and forgot about the cookie on the ground. Some minutes later, she squeezed it flat under her right sole. She also stepped on it with the heel two times. In total,she crushed it more than ten times under her awesome feet. It was totally flat, no chance to get it back again!

This was so horny! Just imagine what terrible pressure is under these heels! Look at these calves, you can imagine that this lady never noticed that she squeezed a chocolate egg under her heel.
She didn't know that I placed it behind her and missed it several times. I hoped that she would crush it under the soles, maybe she would have noticed that and smeared the goo under her weight.
But suddenly, she placed her heel on it when she stepped back, and I watched how the egg got crushed in a raction of a second. Her heel slid some millimeters aside, but no chance for the egg under this powerful feet!
When she walked away, the egg got stuck to her heel and she crushed it again with her next step. Only some brown spots remained on the ground.

What you see here is a beautiful girl in wooden slippers and the remains of a small italian cake
which she crushed under her shoes. Some years on a festival in our town. I positioned the cake behind her and it took some time until she hit it for the first time with her shoes. She crushed it in several steps, all without noticing what she was doing. Inside the cake, there was a little bit of jam, so when it was really flattened, it got smeary under her soles. She wondered and looked down to the ground. Then she showd her friend what had happened...
Both girls laughed and looked around, as if they felt a little uncomfortable. That cake was so terrible flat, I think that the very hard and high wooden soles made that she didn't feel it under her...

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